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Online Exhibition
May 7th - 25th June 2021

Prints on paper &  enamels on silver

Bloom celebrates spring and throws light on my interest in botanical forms. My particular fascination is with tulips.

I have a particular interest in the Dutch flower style, which is largely inspired by the work of a distant relative Edward Ladell (1821-1886) and further reading into an artist called Rachel Ruysch from an earlier period (1664-1750).

The work will be directly based on my own drawings of flowers. The final pieces will be executed in enamel on silver and print on paper.

Colour Extracts

Online Exhibition
20 August - 8 October 2021

Paintings on paper and Enamel on Silver

On journeys I take photographs when I cannot sketch. When I am in the studio I rip and tear magazines to collect the rich colours that coat their pages.

The two practices are a linked by a magpie-like sense of awe for colour and details.

The gathered elements become intuitively formed in sketches for paintings, or designs for jewels.

Colour Extracts will be the first reveal of this work which normally only exists in my notebooks. In this presentation the collages will be converted to paintings in a bold call for me to elevate this practice. Colour Extracts as a theme will be ongoing and aims to profile small sets of work which will relate from one exhibition to the next.

Light Fall

Online Exhibition
3 December 2021 - 14 January 2022

Paintings on Paper & Enamels on Silver

This exhibition is a collection of work that I have been in progress with over a period of time, Its a subject that keeps returning.

Light fascinates me, and the resulting shadows provide beautiful abstracted images calling on the dual theme of absence and presence. Working towards a combined show of paintings and enamels on silver, the pieces will tie together a body of work that is an ongoing search and continuing inspiration.